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SMEs get firepower with facebook targeted ads

If you’re still unsure whether Facebook Ads can help your small or medium-sized business, perhaps you’re unaware of the relatively extensive targeting options a Facebook advertising strategy offers and the significant leg up this gives SMEs as they compete with big business for their slice of the market. Nothing still beats advertising on Facebook. Once […]

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Video content that moves

The possibilities are infinite when it comes to the stories we can tell with Content Marketing. And often it’s the simplest things we share that makes for the most meaningful and impacting content. By touching us deeply, storytelling has the power to leave a lasting impression, particularly when communicated with video. It has the capacity

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Great ways to improve SEO with social media content

Google is sometimes vague about whether its rankings are influenced by social media. Nonetheless, put simply, the content in social media which has great engagement has much more SEO value than the content with low engagement. If you stop and think about it, it’s logical. Given that Google’s algorithm is designed to find and rank

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What’s your why… why?

What’s your ‘Why’? This question asked by bestselling author and thought leader Simon Sinek should be a crucial starting point – and ongoing point of return – in any business’s marketing strategy.   Why does your business do what it does?   Is it simply to make money through your product or service? No. You’ve

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Online video – The heart of content marketing

In a world within which we are overloaded with information, something significant has been happening for some years now and it isn’t going away. It’s an unstoppable, ever-evolving movement among the people and it’s well and truly time for businesses to get on board.  Online video is what consumers want. Across the millions of social

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So what is content marketing?

Content Marketing. In this age of social media, everybody’s still talking about it. Some of us are doing it. So what is it? Quite simply, it’s storytelling. And our daily lives are filled with stories. Content marketing is storytelling.   Big stories and small. Stories of struggle, triumph, caring, laughter and joy. Stories of epic

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The state of video marketing

Honing a great video marketing strategy is essential for businesses, nonprofits and any organisation wanting to communicate with today’s virtual audience – an audience who consumes and loves visual content 24/7 on all their mobile devices and computers.  “Video is the newest and boldest language of the Web and every business needs to master it

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