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There have been entire books written on this subject. We’ll give it a shot in one short sentence...

Great ideas, a great team, and a great process


What is the purpose and intended distribution platform of the video? This will dictate genre and budget.


This is where we explore, develop and decide upon content, locations, talent and timings to name a few.


Where the other kind of "ACTION" happens! Everyone comes together to do their thing and create some visual magic.


We use a cloud based system, so you can be across the evolution of your video 24/7.


You receive the finished product in the format you need. And feel proud as punch!


You eagerly begin thinking about your next video and give us a call to get the ball rolling!

What Kind Of Video? 


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Television commercials are designed exclusively for broadcast television. They require the highest amount of production value due both to broadcast requirements and the HD or 4K requirements of large TVs.

TVCs need a full crew with highend cameras and lenses and so they command higher budgets. The format length is usually 30secs but can also be 15secs and sometimes 60secs.

As these videos generally have a much longer shelf life - they can be used for up to 3 years -  they are an appealing investment. TVCs can also find their way to social media or the business's website.

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Branded Content Videos.

Branded Content Videos are very reliant of great storytelling because they are designed to build awareness for a brand by associating it with content that shares its values.

At lucymy, we have a very particular process when capturing these kinds of business stories for our clients. We try not to script or manufacture moments, but rather we roll as if we’re shooting a mini-documentary. This elicits very honest performances and genuine portrayals, the power of which generates much higher audience engagement.

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Corporate Videos.

Corporate Videos are very popular and they are intended to communicate a business’s overall philosophy and direction. They can be shot in a day and usually require a mid-range budget to produce. They can be cutdown and used in various other ways such as for social media distribution, internally or as  teasers to be utilised by salespeople for engaging prospects.

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Explainer Videos.

These kinds of videos - also known as instructional or walkthrough videos - are designed to explain the features and benefits of a product or service.

Their running time can be 2mins or as long 20 mins depending on how complex and involved the explanation needs to be.

These videos can be distributed internally within a business or can be used by salespeople to send to their prospects and customers. They can also play at events or roadshows.

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Testimonial Videos.

These social proof videos, in our opinion, are the most engaging and the best performing. We like to call them 'Social Proof Videos' because they prove your product or service is working from a 3rd party endorsement. The goal is to make Testimonial Videos raw and honest; transparency is key here.

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Documentary Videos.

Documentary Videos are a long form production which usually run over 20 minutes and can run as long as an hour. They can be filmed over a few days or over a few weeks

They are a very effective content strategy as they provide plenty of time to build story and character; they are less about hard selling and more about the gentle telling.

Due to the sheer size of documentary videos, one of their added advantages is that they assist you in building a catalogue of content which can then be used in various ways on your social media, website and email marketing.

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Social Media Videos.

Social Media Videos are generally bite-sized bits of content designed to play on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube. As a result they are made to be easily digestible at a running time of 90sec and under.

The budget for Social Media Videos is on the lower end and they can usually be filmed in half a day.

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In-house Culture Videos.

This kind of video content is intended for in-house viewership. We call them “Culture Videos” because they are designed to improve the culture within a business by delivering key messages and winning hearts and minds.

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Events Videos.

Events Videos can be anything from a pre-event video promo, a teaser, or post-event highlights. Alternatively, the entire event can be captured.
Events Videos showcase a brand in an engaging and memorable way and can be repurposed for use across multiple marketing channels, including social media, email marketing and websites.

All other videos & more.

Needing or conceiving of a video that doesn't fall into one of the above categories? Talk to us! You can bet we'll be interested, and capable of meeting your brief. We can also assist you with developing a concept for your video, as well as evolving any other creative ideas towards realising your vision.

The Lucymy Way.


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we strive to ensure your experience is optimally stress-free, enjoyable & Enriching.

We’ll guide you gently through each step of the video production process and leave you with a video you’ll be proud of.

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