SMEs get firepower with facebook targeted ads

If you’re still unsure whether Facebook Ads can help your small or medium-sized business, perhaps you’re unaware of the relatively extensive targeting options a Facebook advertising strategy offers and the significant leg up this gives SMEs as they compete with big business for their slice of the market.

Nothing still beats advertising on Facebook.

Once upon a time we all spoke of mass marketing – because once upon a time, and for a long time, this was the sole nature of marketing. It was indeed an exercise in disseminating a business’s message to the greatest number of people possible in the hope that the few who were potential customers would be paying attention. Think roadside billboards and TV or radio commercials.


With these mass marketing ads, you did indeed get a massive audience reach but you were lucky if 5% of that audience was interested in your product or service – the rest was what is known as “wastage”. And when you also consider for example, that 87% of those watching free-to-air TV programs flicked channels when the ads come on, those traditional forms of advertising were clearly failing to make good use of the marketing dollar.


Once upon a time though, these mass marketing platforms were all businesses had to speak to consumers – these and letterbox drops, and there was just as much ‘wastage’ in those too! Moreover, given the excessive cost involved in utilising this media, it was big business with their big bucks who were best positioned to benefit from mass marketing. Only the big guys could afford prime time or prime space. And it was only the big guys who could afford to pump out as many – and as big – ads as were necessary to overcome the inherent wastage of mass marketing and still get their brand out there. The little guy though? Or the medium-sized guy? How impactful could they be, limited as they were with their relatively small advertising budgets?


Thanks to the arrival of digital media, how times have changed.


With Facebook advertising and its advanced targeting options, by allowing you to select the specific Facebook Users you want to see your ad, it ensures that those individuals who are most interested in your product or service are those who are being engaged.


Facebook Ads get down to the nitty gritty of targeting. 

Look at just how comprehensive the targeting categories are that you can work with:
Location: Advertise in cities, communities and countries where you want to do business
Demographics: Choose your audience based on age, gender, education, job title and more
Interests: Add interests and hobbies of the people you want your ad to reach
Behaviour: Target your ads based on consumer behaviours such as prior purchases and device usage

Facebook advertising is affordable.

Petty cool stuff, huh?! And it’s cooler still when you realise that what we’ve witnessed here with targeted advertising, is not only the heralding in of a new and significantly improved way of marketing, but one which small to medium-sized enterprises can afford.
The figures speak for themselves. A targeted Facebook ad costing as little as $100 a week will reach a select audience of over 7,000. A hundred dollars a week in the world of TV or radio advertising? Or on a billboard? What bang for your buck is that going to get you? Literally nudda. Indeed it’s easy to see why many SMEs believe that by using Facebook targeted ads, they are not only putting their advertising budget to optimal use, they are also at last taking on the big guns and getting squarely into the game.
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