Great ways to improve SEO with social media content

Google is sometimes vague about whether its rankings are influenced by social media. Nonetheless, put simply, the content in social media which has great engagement has much more SEO value than the content with low engagement.

If you stop and think about it, it’s logical. Given that Google’s algorithm is designed to find and rank high-quality, useful content for each search query, it obviously requires a way to measure the value of sites. Social media engagement provides Google with exactly what it needs: external validation of a page’s value. Because, like every other social media user, you’re not going to like a piece of content on Facebook, Instagram, Et al or share a link to any of them if you think it’s worthless. And you’re not going to spend your precious time watching videos that aren’t entertaining and/or informative. At least we hope so!

This is great news if you value your social media pages as a way to market your business. Precisely because Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation work in tandem, by publishing social media posts with high-quality, useful content, your posts will also be working for you to improve your SEO.

How to ensure your social media marketing is helping your SEO.

1. Be Clear About Who You Are, And Put It Out There Clearly
The Web is a competitive and crowded place. To get noticed, you need to build a robust, authentic, and highly engaging brand presence and the best way to do this is by publishing only optimised content on your social media pages. We recommend a Content Marketing Media Plan as best practice in this regard because it is an invaluable tool for strategically setting out your content. With your plan at the ready, it is then a case of making sure you draft content which your fans will be able to instantly recognise as yours because of your distinctive character and tone. Added to this, be sure that all your content includes an on-brand message so that its relevancy, consistency and cohesiveness is maintained.
By utilising these methods not only will you get searched more often, you’ll benefit from organically increased awareness of your business; which is obviously so much more valuable than any advertising, as it’s cost efficient and once established, it keeps working for you.
2. Mass Matters
No surprises here. The total number of followers of, and connections to, your social media profiles has a significant influence on your rankings. The more, the better. But important to note: quality matters here. Only genuine followers are quality followers as they are the ones who will engage with your content… and remember, engagement is key. So no fakies please!
3. Get Loved
Your goal with your social network, of course, is sharing. And research shows that likes, comments, and shares are the most significant action for SEO. Because your shared social media posts can end up in all kinds of places beyond social media – blog posts, articles, other social media, eBooks, etc. – the more your community shares your content, the greater the increase in your SEO visibility.
So make it easy for people to engage with your social media content. Use hashtags to include your content in other conversations and increase your audience. Always respond to all comments on your content as a way to generate further engagement. And don’t be afraid to initiate conversation by asking pertinent questions aimed at encouraging discussion.
4. Optimise Your Social Media Content
Like your website, your social media platforms are searchable. As a consequence, you need a social SEO strategy in order to assist people to look for and find your content. Do your keyword research, plan out your content accordingly, and include the right keywords in your headings, posts, and hashtags. Also remember to optimise your profiles the same way your website should be optimised – with SEO keywords in summaries, links, biographies, captions, and in the text itself.
When it comes to an Internet search, keywords are the breadcrumbs guiding people to your high-quality, useful website content. A Facebook or Instagram user may come across your content because of them and like it, share it, or even become a follower.
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ARTIST: Setyaki Irham

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