What’s your why… why?

What’s your ‘Why’? This question asked by bestselling author and thought leader Simon Sinek should be a crucial starting point – and ongoing point of return – in any business’s marketing strategy.


Why does your business do what it does?

Is it simply to make money through your product or service? No. You’ve got to look deeper than that. Because the modern consumer is looking for more than that.
In the contemporary marketplace consumers are inundated with choice and so now, more than ever, they don’t just want to buy WHAT you do, they are looking to buy WHY you do it. The modern consumer wants to be inspired to purchase. And so they want to know the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you to do what you do every day. This is obviously where your ‘Why’ comes in. By articulating well why your business exists in terms beyond your products and services, you will have uncovered the rich content needed to market your brand successfully. 
And when your ‘Why’ is incorporated in your video messaging – whether directly or subtly – you’ll have one powerful video as a result; a video that engages, informs, entertains and moves its targeted audience.
So tell me, what’s your Why? 
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