Online video – The heart of content marketing

In a world within which we are overloaded with information, something significant has been happening for some years now and it isn’t going away. It’s an unstoppable, ever-evolving movement among the people and it’s well and truly time for businesses to get on board. 

Online video is what consumers want.
Across the millions of social media users, people are constantly communicating with each other with online video.Online videos are appearing increasingly in our daily Facebook News feeds and following the development of Facebook and Instagram Reels and Live posting, it’s a challenge to scroll and not find oneself heading down a veritable video rabbit hole! YouTube currently receives more than 2 billion unique visitors every month and it’s estimated that video accounts for 82% of all consumer internet traffic.
Video content is naturally engaging.
Naturally engaging and offering the consumer content that’s easy to digest, it’s no surprise that online video has become the heart of content marketing. Research shows that 7 in 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content from them. And if you engage viewers with video, not only will they share the video with others, they will spend longer on your website and more time interacting with your brand. So what are you waiting for?

Writers from shared insight into how they manage to satisfy clients: “All customers truly want are quality services that meet their needs. To stand out in the crowded online space, we need to be experts in delivering quality content that meets all writing standards.”

If you don’t want consumers to pass you by, join the online video movement and include as an essential item in your content marketing strategy.
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